Delta Fixes, Sunday Liquor Sales, and Is Fox News Mainstream?

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On my mind: I was enjoying pre-dawn Shanghai, then saw the news that the fear and impotence President is again mucking around with travel. This ban on carry-on electronics on 13 as not fully confirmed airlines impacts any US citizens flying those airlines, along with any other passengers. Many airlines do not allow lithium batteries in checked luggage for safety reasons. Cue more unnecessary tumult, confusion, and soft power damage. Many questions unanswered.





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dan luttrell
5 years ago

Wow, lots of random topics in this post. By the way I enjoyed your visit to Dots Lines and Destinations podcast recently. A couple items, There must be solid Intel that there is a creditable threat involving electronics and likely explosives. I’m not sure how this will help if the same items are in the hold but at least someone is trying to protect aircraft. It must be serious enough to outweigh the lithium battery concerns (which is bad). For folks to just assume that Trump doesn’t like laptops or whatever is short sighted. I say this as a person… Read more »

Stefan @ Rapid Travel Chai
Reply to  dan luttrell

The idea of these wraps is to be what interests me, from travel to the wide world. Glad you enjoy the. I usually try to do even Mon-Fri though lately has been hectic and blogging has taken a back seat. I cut the cord some years ago. I do remember when CNN Headline News had news. It is hard to take any claims by Trump and his administration with seriousness, not that they attempt to justify most of them with anything more than gesticulation and innuendo. That it is as plausible as a protectionist sop to US airlines, or as… Read more »