Malta’s ‘Azure Window’ Collapses

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Malta’s iconic ‘Azure Window’ has collapsed in a storm. Malta’s Prime Minister has been sharing sad pictures of the site:

Located at the northern end of Gozo, a short ferry ride from Malta, this iconic site was a treasure of the Mediterranean.

I visited in October. Never put off travel you can do today.

Gozo is a great adjunct to Malta. With this postcard/selfie shot gone, many travelers will likely not make the journey to Gozo. Their loss.

In memoriam:

Mlata Gozo Azure Window


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Plane2 Port
Plane2 Port
5 years ago

And during the same Gozo visit, this was the scene on the waterfront at Marsalforn. We ate at a restaurant that you can’t see because it’s behind the wave. The whole restaurant was shielded by plastic screens, but everytime a wave hit we had to lift our feet as the floor was flooded by about 4 inches of water.
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Plane2 Port
Plane2 Port
5 years ago

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It was only a matter of time. Here’s what it looked like in Nov. of 2017. Notice the crashing waves reach almost to the top of the arch.