Latvia and Lithuania’s Hill of Crosses

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Air Balitic’s hub in Riga, Latvia allowed me to fly in early from Russia’s Kaliningrad, and set out in a rental car until an evening connection to Tallinn, Estonia.

In planning a route I select places that are either unique or superlative. There are many churches in the world and I have seen plenty. From Riga the most interesting spot to me lay across the border in Lithuania, the Hill of Crosses, a memorial that grew into a symbol of anti-Soviet resistance. Riga’s airport area is wracked by traffic and going was slow all the way to the border due to road construction. The border is only marked by a sign and the Hill of Crosses loomed into view.

Ex Soviet Europe 0420

Ex Soviet Europe 0418

Ex Soviet Europe 0413

Ex Soviet Europe 0414

Heading back to Latvia I looped around to the east to visit Rundale Palace.

Ex Soviet Europe 0428

Ex Soviet Europe 0433

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Ex Soviet Europe 0440

I pressed on with a stop at the Bauskas Palace ruins, under off-season renovation.

Ex Soviet Europe 0448

Ex Soviet Europe 0446

I reached Riga in time to catch the final hours of daylight from its UNESCO-listed Historic Centre and the modern buildings across the river. Of the three Baltic capitals, Riga has scale and setting, and in summer I imagine the most tourists. For view the Radisson Blu Hotel Latvija, Riga across the river holds the crown, while the Historic Centre has many accommodation options.

Ex Soviet Europe 0451

Ex Soviet Europe 0473

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Ex Soviet Europe 0469

Latvia’s countryside has the pleasures of Europe in a stoic setting. Riga rivals much more touristed Western European capitals. As Hill of Crosses is much closer to Riga than Vilnius, Lithuania, take the opportunity to see it from Riga or en route between the two. Public transport is scarce. Driving is a breeze when able to avoid construction.

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[…] had already seen Lithuania’s Hill of Crosses when I was in Latvia since it is closer to Riga than Vilnius. And the Curonian Spit I caught the […]

8 years ago

Nice report Stephan, and it’s good to see you posting again such interesting itineraries & reviews.


[…] was my shortest stop. Coming in at night from Latvia, the only way I could fit the schedule together was to fly out midday for […]

8 years ago

Great “off the radar” destination. Give logistics if you have time.

Rapid Travel Chai
8 years ago
Reply to  guera

@guera – I will put together an overall itinerary for the trip, I should have done it up front but have gotten so far behind on posting about trips that I am trying to bite off small chucks. How it worked for me was Kaliningrad – Riga (12 hour layover) – Tallinn on Air Baltic. Tallinn – Kiev on Estonian. Kiev – Vilnius on Ukraine International Airlines ($36!). Vilnius – Minsk by train. This was hardly the natural way to do it but worked with the flights and access to Belarus. Air Baltic is a great tool in the region,… Read more »