Financial Modeling Volunteer Needed: Support Land Mine-Sniffing Rats

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Do you have financial modeling skills?

Are you looking to be part of a cool project?

My interest in world affairs has shaped my modest volunteer and charitable initiatives. One organization I support is is APOPO and it’s HeroRATs program. A fraction of the cost of traditional methods, rats are trained to detect land mines in the ground and tuberculosis on the breath.

The Adopt a HerRAT program is a great way to get children interested in helping those in need.

APOPO contacted me to with their need for a volunteer with financial modeling expertise. The projected commitment is 40-60 hours over a 3-6 month period.

The Mine Action Modeling Volunteer’s role is: Assist Mine Action Management in creating a justified multi variable model that can be utilized to plan mine action resources and ideally market the use of APOPO’s Mine Detection Rats over competing assets to larger Mine Detection organizations.

Full position description here.

If interested, apply here. It is a generic volunteer application so specify it is for the Mine Action Modeling Volunteer.

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