So Endeth the La Quinta Credit Card

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LaQuinta has abruptly ended its La Quinta Returns Visa Card program. All the application links I tested have been pulled and per a myFICO post (spotted by the ever-observant IAD gr8), cardmembers were emailed that,

Our card relationship with First National Bank of Omaha is ending effective September 19, 2017, at which time the La Quinta Returns™ Visa® card will no longer earn La Quinta Returns™ Points.

You will be advised by First National Bank of Omaha on what will happen to your account after September 19, 2017.

No press releases from La Quinta or FNBO on future plans for either.

La Quinta Returns Visa

I had toyed with getting this card because I like to test out obscure cards and FNBO is not a important issuer for the cards I typically acquire. I never had a need to stay at La Quinta so let it pass.

This year already saw the passing of the Red Roof Inn credit card.


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Tom Stern
Tom Stern
3 years ago

Unfortunately, despite announcing they would honor purchases through September 19, FNBO abruptly changed to their own points system, which left me with worthless points equal to the amount I’d needed to get another free night at a LaQuinta. Guess which of my Visa cards will be cancelled when I get back from this extended roadtrip.

4 years ago

I liked the fact that besides my LQ points earned on each stay anyway, adding the LQ charges to the card resulted in an additional 5x the points (rather than just the one point per dollar). Thats about all I used that card, ‘cos I’d rather have my 1.5% cash back on everything else! I’ll miss it, but it’s certainly not life altering.

4 years ago

I currently have the card and it was great for accumulating points quickly. When traveling with pets, the LaQuinta is great since it is very pet friendly and never any extra pet fee. With the card program ending, I will have to put my Jack Russell to work to earn her hotel stays. 🙁

Stefan @ Rapid Travel Chai
Reply to  Tom

I love that there is always an angle. With dogs included, even better!

4 years ago

We had one LaQuinta hotel we liked to stay at in Texas. The hotel stayed the same while other places in town were built. I was impressed that the hotel manager emailed me directly and told me they were renovating the property but now we stay at a newly built Candlewood Suites.This year I’m using my Citi Prestige for a fourth night free on our stay.

Ryan Booth
Ryan Booth
4 years ago

La Quinta simply isn’t aspirational enough for most people who can get approved for a rewards-earning credit card. Red Roof Inn either. If Motel 6 offers a card, I also predict it will fail. People want to save up points for really nice things.