Klooga Concentration Camp, Estonia

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At a road sign that began with the word Holocausti I turned off from chasing Soviet nuclear submarines at Paldiski and wound back through echoes of sad history on the forest road.

Klooga Concentration Camp 01

It was Klooga Concentration Camp, a site of which I confess prior ignorance. According to Wikipedia, from September 19-22, 1944, with the Red Army approaching, the Germans evacuated, slaughtering an estimated 2,000 prisoners, with only 85 surviving or escaping.

The memorial winds snakeline through the forest forest road with austere markers at key spots of tragedy. The memorial runs from the car park to the Klooga-aedlinn commuter train stop. A marker shows the layout:

Klooga Concentration Camp 03

Later on this trip chills would run through me at the sight of Auschwitz-Birkenau. This solemn site, empty of the living except myself, was no less poignant. It is only a half-hour drive or commuter train ride from Tallinn. Don’t let it be neglected.

Klooga Concentration Camp 02

Klooga Concentration Camp 04

Klooga Concentration Camp 05

Klooga Concentration Camp 06

Klooga Concentration Camp 07

Klooga Concentration Camp 08

Klooga Concentration Camp 09

Klooga Concentration Camp 10

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Mike Manna
Mike Manna
7 years ago

Thanks for the Eastern Europe posts. I lived in Kiev for 10 years and I love to see this area of the world highlighted. I really enjoyed the Hill of Crosses in Lithuania – I have been there myself, but I was not at this concentration camp. This looks like a walk that was very meaningful. If I ever go to Estonia (and I hope that I can someday), I will definitely look this site up.

7 years ago

Amazing trip report. We’re thinking about Estonia next summer.

Rapid Travel Chai
7 years ago
Reply to  Lively

@Lively – Estonia appears to have tremendous opportunities for outdoor activities that I had no time to explore, it should be a great trip.