Kiev, Ukraine

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I expected little, yet Kiev won me over. I thought it would be an ex-Soviet city like many others, indeed it has a similar selection of churches and Soviet landmarks, yet all are superlative. Oddly given what has transpired since my October visit, Kiev had the most relaxed vibe I have gotten in the ex-Soviet capitals. I hope Ukraine is back on its feet soon and seriously battles corruption. It should be a prime tourist destination in East Europe.

Highlights for me were the cave monasteries of the Kyevo-Pecherska Lavra, the House of Chimeras, and the towering Motherland Monument with superlative, modern Museum of the Great Patriotic War.

Kiev 01

Kiev 02

Kiev 06

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Kiev 11

Kiev is hilly and the metro is good for getting around though requires so much walking, it is probably closer for most 1-2 stop rides to skip the metro. Like many former-Soviet cities, they have a fun funicular, useful for returning to the heights of the city near St Michael’s and St Andrew’s after descending to the Lavra.

Kiev 05

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Kiev 04

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8 years ago

@Steven : Thanks.

Rapid Travel Chai
8 years ago

@murtuza – I doubt it ever has much of a busy tourist season so I am imagine about anytime the weather is suitable for you, I was there late October and across the country the weather was quite comfortable. As with most places I would say May and September are good for weather and low seasons most anywhere.

8 years ago

@Steven : What would be a good time of the year to visit Kiev once the current crisis are over?