IHG Share Forever Must Have Needed a Jolt: 2x earning

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IHG has had some very generous, and dysfunctional, targeted promotions the past several years. The highly targeted offers were often very generous for new accounts and infrequent guests, with progressively harder goals for frequent guests. On my primary account I completed all of The Big Win, Into the Nights, and Set Your Sights, enjoying the quirky challenge of the tasks, stroking my ego by requiring stays in multiple countries, for instance.

Along came this summer’s Share Forever. My lame offer requires 13 nights to receive a 13,000 bonus and a whopping 33 nights to get all of 78,500 nights for me and 58,500 to share. I haven’t had a stay.

IHG Share Forever

Perhaps many have not had stays or its just the summer business travel downturn. I, like many (all?) in specific countries registered for Share Forever received an email for 2x points earning on stays July 15-Augusat 15, no registration required.

IHG Share Forever 2x

The countries are: Open to legal residents of Argentina, Aruba, Brazil, Canada, Cayman Islands, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Jamaica, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, the 50 U.S. (and D.C), Puerto Rico, Uruguay, and Venezuela who are eighteen (18) years old or older at the time of registration.

Not enough to me to divert hotel stays as my limited summer business travel stays have been working through more generous promotions elsewhere.

If you are contemplating IHG stays or have them, check to verify you are getting the 2x.

I hope with my Share Forever no show I may get a better offer for the next promo IHG runs.

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6 years ago

The reason they needed the 2x is offers like mine. I need 14 nights for 14k bonus and then a ton after than for much of anything. Sad. I’m sure less loyal members get like a million points for 3 nights and then brag about it all over whatever blog they run while dissing IHG.

6 years ago

May I ask what promos you are focused on? I think they’ve all looked rather abysmal…