If You Win the Hamilton Lottery, How Far Can You Travel and Still Make the Show?

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The Broadway hit Hamilton has an online ticket lottery that awards last-minute tickets for $10.

The show runs Mon-Sat with evening shows are either 7 pm or 8 pm. There is also a Sat matinee.

Hamilton LotteryThe lottery opens at 9 am and closes at 4 pm. At 4:01 you can check status and winners must purchase their tickets within 60 minutes.

My question is: how far can you travel and still make the show? Let’s limit to commercial travel, no private jets or helicopters (this is not The Points Guy).

7 pm is tough, though 8 pm opens up possibilities if everything goes right.

If we take Chicago as an example, today 5/18 UA 533 departs 4:05 pm CDT, giving 64 minutes to pay for show and air tickets, get to O’Hare and be on your way for a 7:18 pm LaGuardia arrival and a shot at 8:00, maybe a mix of car and subway. That is around 730 miles by air.

Readers, what’s the farthest you think can work for 8 pm? For 7 pm?

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6 years ago

With the TSA mess/disaster nowadays, I think the only way to be confident would be to be within a four-hour drive of the theater.

6 years ago

I agree withbothofus2. In April, I was set to arrive in NYC at 3:30. by plane via Houston. I had Tix for Book of Mormon that night at 7pm. Due to all the rain (flooding) in Houston we arrived at LGA at 6:30. We didn’t make it to that show, so glad I bought the insurance.

6 years ago

*even a
Darn autocorrect

6 years ago

For a moment I thought this could work, except that they are now advising passengers to allow 3 hours prior to flight time, to go through tsa security in Chicago. There’s Avenue a viral video out there taken at Midway last week if a line stretching to near the CTA station