If you really want a Delta upgrade, book this flight

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DL 487, JFK-SDQ.

7 hours before departure I am still by my lonesome up front.

You just need to be willing to arrive in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic at 1:14 am.

Coming back Monday at 2 am is positively crowded in comparison.


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Aaron Hurd
10 years ago

Is that because it really is that devoid of elites or because Delta’s not clearing people at the window? 😉

Rapid Travel Chai
10 years ago
Reply to  Aaron Hurd

@Aaron Hurd – this smug Diamond cleared in his window. 😉

Noah Kimmel
Noah Kimmel
10 years ago

NYC-SDQ is notorious for native Dominicans who will pay tons of money to fly, but will not spend a $1 more than they have to. I.e. Never pay for an upgrade, complain about checked bag fees, fight for every pound to bring random stuff….

Even Jetblue flights are usually sold out, without a single extra legroom seat booked

Jimmy @TravelByPoints
10 years ago

I would if I lived in NYC (still have my GM with Delta until early 2013). Have a great trip!