Icelandair World MasterCard review

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Icelandair World MasterCard:

(Update 27 June 2014: this card is no longer available to new applicants; it has been removed from the Icelandair and Barclaycard websites.)

  • Card issuer: Barclays (excludes Iowa residents)
  • Type: World MasterCard/Platinum MasterCard (automatically considered for lesser Platinum if rejected for World)
  • Sign-up bonus (public):
    • $39 annual fee version: 10,000 miles after first purchase
    • No annual fee version and Platinum card: 5,000 miles after first purchase
    • All versions: 1 mile per $1 in balance transfer in first 60 days of account opening, maximum 10,000 miles
  • Annual fee: Two versions of World MasterCard, $39/$0; Platinum card is $0
  • Annual fee waived first year: No
  • Additional cardholders: $0
  • Foreign transaction fee: 3%
  • Rental Car Collision Damage Waiver (CDW): Secondary
  • Earning:
    • $39 World MasterCard version: 2 miles/$1 on Icelandair purchases, 1 mile/$1 everywhere else
    • No annual fee World MasterCard version and Platinum: 1 mile/$1 on Icelandair purchases, 1 mile/$2 everywhere else
  • Redeeming (card specific): No card specific redemption benefits
  • Redeeming (general):
    • Redeem on Iceland Air and airline partners Air Iceland, Alaska Airlines and Finnair
    • Other partners include Hilton, Icelandair Hotels, Radisson, and Hertz
  • Special benefit(s): None
  • Annual benefit(s): None

Review: Little to like, no benefits on Iceland Air.

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Rapid Travel Chai
10 years ago

@Miles – agreed that it is lame, many of the Barclays cards seem to have no reason to exisit, but I am enjoying my tour of the card world, just as I investigate little visited countries.

10 years ago

The Icelandair card gives a maximum signup bonus of 10,000 points, but a R/T coach ticket from USA to Iceland costs 50,000 points (or more).