I Flew Norwegian. Nothing Happened. They Did Have Free Internet.

Norwegian is bombarding the US market coast to coast with tempting low fares. Many in the miles and points hobby, when the subject of long-haul economy comes up, get a pained look on their face followed by “I can’t…”

Most everyone has their price, though, and most of us before getting into this hobby certainly could sit in the back, so I am here to tell you that it is a perfectly unremarkable experience.

Norwegian Cabin

I flew their 4-hour flights from New York to the French Caribbean islands of Guadeloupe and Martinique (connected by a Corsair flight).

I was surprised they did not have e-check-in for my flights. Fortunately, though I was traveling light anyway, there was not overzealous enforcement of carry-ons. If you do plan to check bags, buy early because as departure approaches the price increases. I almost bought some local jams (star fruit anyone?) that would have needed to be checked until I saw the price for luggage under 48 hours from departure.

I found the legroom to be ample. I am 6′ so not overly tall or short. The seats are slimline, which I don’t mind. The staff looked miserable and spent the flight behind curtains playing on their phones rather than relentlessly hawking food and duty-free like some airlines, which made for a peaceful flight. None had the swish uniforms I have seen for some Norwegian flights at JFK.

Norwegian Legroom

They were on their phones because of the free wi-fi. Yes, you heard that, free wi-fi. Slow in parts, but I did some things I needed to get done. The free TV steaming of Bloomberg and NFL also worked. The only time I can remember any airline giving me wifi for free, except for special promotions like Delta and eBay, was a few megabyte allowance on Iberia business class.

Norwegian Free WifiNorwegian TV BloombergI would have no problem flying Norwegian long-haul, especially if it saves a connection or saves $$$.

Readers, how about you?

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Stuart Falk

Do they offer Business Class on these flights?


‘Premium’ is more like a Premium Economy product.

Stuart Falk

Thanks. Whether it would be worth the cost for me, except for seat comfort, is the baggage allowance as I will be flying to the French Antilles to join a transtalantic cruise with Croisieres de France and will have more luggage than usual.


Thank you for writing up this post! I too just booked JFK to LGW for the end of this month. I too am 6 feet tall and was wondering about the pitch. I am happy to hear that someone my height was okay with it. My question is though, do they try to upsell their premium economy seats prior to the flight? If so, how much would that cost?


I flew Norwegian last year LA-Copenhagen, Stockholm-LA and I was quite pleased with the flights. I ponied up a little extra for a meal and checked bag and the flights were still cheap enough to get me to refrain from using miles for a business class ticket that I usually do for long-haul travel. I’m 6’2″ and the legroom was great. Far, far better than Virgin Atlantic, which was the last coach transatlantic flight that I’ve taken. I’d highly recommend them when the price is right.


I’ll be flying Norwegian to Spain in June. The price is right, and I’m looking forward to it. I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m something of an outsider in the miles and points hobby, in that premium cabins, luxury hotels and the like mean very little to me. It’s all about being able to get to lots of places affordably. Sometimes that’s on a carrier like Norwegian; often it’s using miles where flights would be costly.


For us the top priority is a nonstop flight. I’d choose economy over business in a heartbeat if the former was nonstop and the latter required a connection.
I don’t think they fly out of Ohare, though, do they?


@Rapid Travel Chai
That must have been very stressful!
For my flights the premium economy was significantly higher offsetting the savings and therefore making it not worth it.
Do you recall if they tried to sell their premium seats prior to boarding?


6 feet! You are very tall for me! I am only 5’3″.


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