Have Citi Stuff Your Stocking with Cards that Put the Magnetic Strip Back Where it Belongs

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A candidate for marketing fail of 2014 was the redesign of the Citi Prestige and Premier credit cards, most annoyingly the magnetic strip was moved to the front and nearly invisible on the black Prestige card. It was difficult for cashiers to use and had frustrated me to the point that I was reducing my usage of the cards despite my affection for them.

In late October Citi moved the strips back, as reported by Doctor of Credit and others among us that had periodically called Citi to request this.

Replacement cards are not automatically sent until regular card expiration, so if you have the cards, call up Citi and they will be overnighted to you, maybe in time for Christmas. Request for any authorized users as well. The Citi Prestige call centers in Kentucky and South Dakota are great so you will get some holiday cheer.

Here is my haul from October for my Prestige and two Premier:

Citi Stripe on Back

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Firm Doc
Firm Doc
6 years ago

Prestige Card was the worst. Every single time I ran into a problem. I wound up using a sharpie and drew an arrow toward the strip. I managed the spend to get the points then filed it b/c it was such a pain.

Aaron Nelson
6 years ago

I *COMPLETELY* agree that this was annoying at first, but as more and more places have _very_slowly_ switched to using chip readers this issue has started to go away on it’s own.

My card doesn’t expire until 2019 so I wonder if they’ll try moving the mag stripe back to the front by then?