Four Seasons Coming to Private Island in the Remote Outer Seychelles

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The Outer Seychelles (aka Zil Elwannyen Sesel) consist of several island groups, most of which are national park. Accessibility is limited. There are two private island resorts, Desroches Island and Alphonse Island, which until sale of Desroches last summer had been managed by the same company.

With a place on the Travelers Century Club list, I have been monitoring developments. In 2013 I looked at a possible trip. Desroches was then 600 euros/night/person base rate plus 500 euros for the charter flight. Some club members took day trips though had to be on standby. Alphonse is even more remote and more expensive.

The new media shy owners have kept most news under a lid, and Four Seasons’ PR contacts are tight-lipped as well. Employees at Desroches, which are decamping to Alphonse, as well as guests and Seychelles tourism officials have confirmed to me that it will reopen sometime late 2016 as a Four Seasons. I have two friends who stayed there just before the January 12 close for renovations.

Four Seasons Mahe Seychelles

Room at Four Seasons Mahe Seychelles, photo by Fabio Achilli via flickr

I have never wanted a press trip that so many bloggers crave. Cannot be objective however strong the self-deception to believe. If I can wrangle an invite for that opening, though, I might find a way to give myself special dispensation.

Readers, have any of you been to Outer Seychelles?

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Dan @ Points With a Crew

I haven’t been but I say if you can get a press trip go for it. I for one would love to hear your report!