The flyDubai Experience

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flyDubai is casual fun. I flew them on on a short hop from Entebbe, Uganda to Bujumbura, Burundi. There serve a variety of regional destinations, some little-flown  by other carriers, in a rough square from Zagreb to Zanzibar to Chittagong to Kazan.

Something about rather obscure air routes far from home base seems to lighten up flight crews. The multinational crew in trim navy button downs and khaki pants were in a social mood with the few passengers continuing to little-visited Burundi.

FlyDubai 01

Business class is sleek with huge AVOD screens.

FlyDubai 03

Economy has slimline seats that are reasonably comfortable with plenty of legroom.

FlyDubai 02

The personal AVOD system has adult and child modes and everything is for sale and can be ordered on screen. Like many budget airlines, there are advance discounts for purchases for entertainment and food at time of ticketing.

FlyDubai 06

FlyDubai 07

The menu includes some oddly slim muffins.

FlyDubai 04

The medicine packs are interesting. You can choose from “help: I have a headache,” “help: I have an aching body,” and “help: I can’t sleep.” The 16 sleeping pills in the sleep pack worry me a bit if someone got the idea to take them all.

FlyDubai 05

Those considering them for Dubai flights should take note that flyDubai uses Terminal 2 which is not connected to the city by metro and is not the smoothest connection to mainline airlines in Terminals 1 & 3.

Fun experience, and I haven’t even gotten to the cool inflight safety video…

FlyDubai 09

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Aaron Hurd

Point Princess and I took a trip to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, and Kuwait last year. We flew Fly Dubai and we were equally impressed. Did not get up to the front to see the product, so thanks for posting the photo. Do you recall what the price premium was for sitting up front? Also, I agree that the safety video was entertaining in a quite unique way… though I think that Pegasus still gets the award for best value airline safety video.


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