My Current Favorite Airline Video Has Disney Charm and a Dash of Pride

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Ben wrote Icelandair’s New Ad Is The “Gayest” I’ve Seen From An Airline.

He also cited a gay couple in an Air Canada safety video:

I was humming along in-flight to Delta 4 a.m. (how can you not to Heigh Ho?) when my seatmate pointed out a progressive moment, spot it:

Delta overtly markets to GLBT travelers. You’ll often see the Delta homepage display a rainbow flag. Delta takes progressive stands on GLBT issues politically and in its workplace practices.

Delta 4 am screenshot

Delta 4 a.m. is my current favorite airline video mainly for an excuse to hear Heigh Ho accompany takeoff. All of us travelers with spouses and partners know those early morning moments of trying to slip out of home without disturbance, and the reflective moments setting out to the airport before the world wakes.

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5 years ago

Looks like father and son for me in Air Canada’s safety video

Stefan @ Rapid Travel Chai
Reply to  Shannon

Could be, some of his readers also have the same interpretation, I don’t have a ruling on it.