Egypt is Another Country to Buy Air Tickets Locally

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In response to Here’s How to Save Big on Royal Air Maroc Tickets, reader Farnorthtrader chimed in that Egypt is another such country.

Here’s a quick example of nonstop Cairo-Luxor on March 30.

Global sites such as Orbitz show cheapest fare at USD 109 for the late flight and 138 for the others.

Orbitz CAI-LXR

EgyptAir’s US site gives USD 111.49 and 140.39 at Fully Flex and Platinum Fares.


EgyptAir’s Egypt sites gives 4 types of fare, adding Best Offer and Good Deal, the fares are EGP 386, 628, 884 and 1063, which are USD 43, 70, 98 and 118.

EgyptAir Egypt Fare Types

EgyptAir Egypt CAI-LXRI flew this flight last January and had a fine experience for the short flight.

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I flew the CAI-LXR route in Feb 2016. it was hysterical. The plane was rumbling down over to the dance floor while people were still up putting bags away. At first I was a bit shocked, then i actually had an appreciation for it – we were off on our way!


This is awesome actually. I wanted to go SSH and Cairo but the domestic legs were so expensive, as much getting to Europe.


@asar, when I booked using the Egyptair Egypt site, I was here in the US, used a US address and a US credit card and they had no issue with it. I put nothing on the reservation to indicate that I was Egyptian. If I had to lie to get the deal, I would not have done it.


Does anyone know of a blog or other resource maintaining a list of such countries? Maybe you could start one if it doesn’t exist? I think China may be one of those countries. One time I had to take a flight from Beijing to Chengdu on short notice. There are several flights per day between the two cities. I called my corporate travel agency in the US to book the flight and was quoted something like $600-700. My Chinese colleagues said, “that’s way too much”. So I passed and they took me to a generic travel agency on the ground… Read more »


The last time I checked this, Egypt air’s local fares are for Egyptians only.


I found the same luck with Chilean domestic flights. . offered a much better rate in local currency for their domestic flights over the USA site. Same website (sorta) but different value!