Easy $10 from BofA for Registering for Visa Checkout

Bank of America will give you a $10 gift card for registering a new Visa Checkout account and adding one of their credit or debit cards. No purchase required. I like making money without spending money or more than a minute’s effort.

BofA Visa Checkout $10

Register here. Do this by December 4, 2014. One bonus per customer, not per card. If you have an existing Visa Checkout account, safest to register a new one with a different email than the other(s).

I found this thanks to Lamar’s comment on TravelBloggerBuzz, here’s Lamar’s hat tip.

You can also still register, until November 30, 2014 for 1,000 FlexPerks points if you have either/both US Bank FlexPerks personal or business cards, see my post here for details.

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Wow, this was easy!! Just got my money. thanks!


It looks as if you must agree to receive “account notices” by email instead of by snail mail. If you do not check that box, registration cannot be completed.


Thank you Stefan! This is indeed an easy $10 in your pocket.