Does the West Africa Multi-Country Visa Touristique Entente Still Exist?

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Illustrating the challenges of travel to West Africa, just finding out if a visa exists is proving quite the challenge.

I have seen references to a Visa des Pays de l’Entente Visa Touristique Entente that in one visa covers entry to Burkina Faso, Cote d’Ivoire, Benin, Togo, and Niger.

The most recent Lonely Planet West Africa guide mentions it without specific advice on how to obtain it. There are sporadic online references that go back to 2001, while French travel forums in translation have the snark of English forums in an existential French way.

From what I can find, if it still exists as publicized in the past:

  • You can only apply for it when already in one of the member countries
  • You apply for it at some immigration authority of the country you are in, not an embassy of the other countries
  • Niger may or may not still be in; getting a Niger visa directly is not easy

The most recent report I found with details is on Lonely Planet Thorn Tree from 2013 on getting it in Burkina Faso, and conflicting updates as late as last year, which will work perfectly with my schedule. The issue I will have is if I can verify that it still exists so that I can budget the 48 hours there, and not bother with getting a Cote d’Ivoire e-visa in advance. And it if still has Niger I will re-do my whole trip to try to get there!

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6 years ago

Yes the Visa Touristique Entente does still exist. I was in Burkina last week checking into this. The cost is 25000 cf. (about $50) and is good for 60 days single entry into Niger, Togo, Benin, Cote d’Ivoire and Burkina. They say it makes up to 72 hours to receive it. We finally found the office.(Consular de l’Entente) It’s actually inside a police headquarter compound which is a couple of blocks past the Siège FESPACO and across the road from Ècole Primaire Bilbalogho.

6 years ago

sorry a little bit off topic but can your bring back chai digest,weekly points & miles and more exciting trip ” update”… It has been a little bit too slow here and more like a liquidation store of Q&A , freebie giving away and marketing news:( the whirl wind travel style is what you set up this blog for but doesn’t seem have too many new to your loyal readers… Of course we know you are too busy to reach the world country listing but maybe once in while something more inspiring?