Delta’s ‘Need Help’ kiosks are my pre-flight pull of the slot machine

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A pull of the slot machine and sometimes pleasant surprises pop out.

I used to ignore the Delta ‘Need Help’ kiosks. When something went wrong with a flight I would make changes online or through the Diamond line.

Then one time, waiting for a slightly delayed flight, I was bored and scanned my boarding pass at a ‘Need Help’ kiosk. Out popped a $10 meal voucher.

Delta Need Help Kiosk

Now a quick scan is part of my pre-departure airport routine. Most of the time it just reconfirms the flight information. Several times I have been pleasantly surprised with vouchers on flights that I never would have thought to be eligible. And that is the fun, it is just like a pull of the slot machine.

Next time flying out on Delta, give it a whirl.

A note, though, for severely delayed flights, the kiosks can give very low ball offers, like poor hotel choices. Delta agents can override this. One time my wife was stuck overnight in Atlanta due to a mechanical issue. The kiosk spit out a mid-morning connecting flight and a stay at the Days Inn. The agent nearby quickly changed that to an early nonstop and a Marriott.

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phill gold
phill gold
10 years ago

after getting bumped i used one of these after returning to the airport the next morning and got a $25 credit to use at ANY airport store that day, in addition to the food vouchers. Seeing as I was only going to be in any airport that time during the day I ran to the only store open at 6am, the Golf store, and found a nice polo on clearance for $27. Paying $2 for a nice moisture whisking shirt is not bad! Thanks Delta!

10 years ago

After the thrill of being selected for precheck, the travel experience can be kind of anti-climatic (unless you’re still waiting on the upgrade to clear). I wish American had a “Need Help” kiosk!