Delta SkyMiles Awards New Low: 5,000 Miles

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The past couple months I have been checking Delta SkyMiles awards for a few domestic routes out of Seattle. Lowest Denver price was 6,000 miles, Chicago 10,000. I have not previously seen doemstic routes any lower than 6,000.

SkyMiles SEA-DEN

Tonight I see these are now 5,000 and 9,500, respectively.

San Francisco is down to 5,000 as well, while Portland is 5,500, so it is not entirely distance-based.

Looking around, this is showing across the country. New York to Boston is 5,500. So is Atlanta to Boston.

I haven’t found any award sale notice so these might be new lows, in a good way.

With cash airfares often so low, it may not be a great deal to use miles for these tickets. I have free award redeposits with my Diamond Medallion status, so I book cheap awards on prospective trips until they solidify, then I change to cash bookings depending on the price.

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Kathy K
5 years ago

They had this a few months ago too – in fact, I’m going to Chicago for my birthday for 10K rt! Thanks for letting me know – maybe I’ll book some more trips.
5 years ago

I have seen 5k before