Delta Jet Drag Today for American Cancer Society

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This morning I had the great opportunity to participate in the 5th Annual Delta Jet Drag to raise awareness and funds for the American Cancer Society. I was a member of a blogger and media team called #GlobalHashtags, those so inclined can donate to the event at our team page, here. I belatedly made my donation this morning and it is still open. Last year’s event raised $1.3 million.

It is easy to take potshots at airlines and their frequent flyer programs from afar, up close this is a company with dedicated employees that are human. Dozens of teams from across Delta’s world came to participate, each with their own stories and often a family member to honor.

A burly team had t-shirts boasting, “I love the smell of jet fuel in the morning.” A finance team dressed as geeks. There was another in Angry Birds masks and one that paraded in as a Chinese dragon. I hear the Samoans from Salt Lake City are the defending champions and they had not yet appeared to defend their title when I had to depart. I also missed the executive team.

Various Delta employees were selling food for charity, the grits were the consensus winner. Tommy777 had the first spicy sausage of the morning. Ben of One Mile at a Time wore the team’s Delta logo shirt, and may even start flying Delta.

There were many jokes flying with the Delta SkyMiles and PR representatives. Ed Pizzarello quipped that we would earn miles based on funds raised, not distance pulled. Our group target is $5,000 and currently at $4,030.

Our team:

When I departed our team’s pull of the 757-200 had clocked in just over 12 seconds, far from the overall sub-11 second leaders yet still leading the Corporate category of 6 teams. If the win holds we’ll have to come back next year to defend the title.

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