Delta 747 BusinessElite Lands at Grand Central – Japan Week

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Japan Week launched today in New York City with exhibition halls in Grand Central Station featuring a Delta 747-400 Business Elite seat with pilot tuck-in service, swag, and a contest for a trip for two, in economy, to Japan.

Delta Japan Week 01

Mock-up BusinessElite seat

Delta Japan Week 02

Testing the Business Elite seat

I saw the press release and decided to pop up during my lunch hour, coinciding with the kick-off event. There are numerous booths from featuring Japanese companies, food (no free samples) and tourism.

Delta had quite a crew out there, including 6’5″ Tyler, familiar to regular passengers on the JFK-NRT route for his superlative Japanese language skills.

Delta Japan Week 04

Flight crew working the train station

Delta Japan Week 03

Checking for the 2015 Award Chart

Delta Japan Week 05

Swag drawers

Delta Japan Week 06

USB reader with Group 1 partners

Japan Week runs March 6-8 and includes meal offers tied in with NY Restaurant week, see the official Japan Week website for more details.

Delta Japan Week 07

Mock-up bar

Delta Japan Week 08

Confectionery art

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Rapid Travel Chai
8 years ago

@Joey – the swag giveaway seemed a bit haphazard, I don’t think they would give out amenity kits to everyone, most booths had nothing for free, like the food ones all require cash. I did ask for an USB hub and will do a blog giveaway on it.

8 years ago

I recall you telling us you have status with Delta. Did they give you any of the swag in from the drawers?

8 years ago

Pretty neat! I’ll stop by today after work.

Points, Miles & Martinis
Points, Miles & Martinis
8 years ago

Looks cool! Are they suppose to be in grand central tomorrow as well?

Rapid Travel Chai
8 years ago

@Points, Miles & Martinis – they will be there through Saturday, I am not sure how big a crew they will have, I happened to show up for the kick-off with the press buzzing around so they have a lot of Delta people around.

8 years ago

Looks like they couldn’t find the 2015 Award Chart either!