Should I Feel Guilty for Taking Advantage of Delta’s Brussels Travel Waiver?

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I first heard of the attacks in Brussels upon arrival in Freetown, Sierra Leone where I was planning to fly Brussels Airlines up to Monrovia, Liberia that night. It was only every screen and everyone’s lips. All due thoughts and respect for those affected, especially those most tragically.

My minor inconvenience was rebooking for the fortuitously timed alternate Kenya Airways flight.

Then I saw Delta Press Releases for a Travel Waiver through 3/31 for those transiting Brussels, Amsterdam and Paris.

Brussels Airport Waiver

Before the cutoff I am due to fly Libreville, Gabon-Paris-London-New York on an award ticket. Business was 70,000 and economy 82,500 and up, so I am in business. Typical of Delta and Air France frenemy issues, Air France trans-Atlantic awards are blocked, and the Delta Paris – New York flight causes the itinerary to jump to 212,500.

I called in an asked Delta to accommodate me on the Paris-New York nonstop under the waiver. I even said, “It’s a stretch, but if you can do it…” They did. I have the hassle of a London Heathrow connection, something I only might consider if flying Virgin Atlantic, and even then it is the airport in the world I most want to avoid.

I didn’t claim to be under duress or need under the waiver, still I felt guilt for taking advantage of it. The one seat probably won’t make a difference to someone in need, and there are alternate flights if so.

Still, I felt a bit guilty for the opportunism.

Readers, your take?

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William Nelson
William Nelson
6 years ago

@RapidTravelChai…..Sounds good…I will have to look into all the options. I have a lot of AMEX and UR points too that I can book for travel. Where do you usually stay in Liberia? What brings you there? Feel free to email me on my personal email address if you want. My wife and I are planning on going out there in August to volunteer at the ELWA Hospital for a few years in Monrovia.

William Nelson
William Nelson
6 years ago

Hey I have a question. I have been following your blog for a while and I am actually planning on going to Liberia in August for medical missions. How did you get out there using Delta points? I was only able to find a way using United miles on the Brussels Airlines but I do have some Delta points I wanted to use?


6 years ago

I’m traveling to Istanbul this evening. My hotel in Sultanahmet has dropped it rate from $110 to $55. Feeling similar guilt, I elected not to take advantage of the lower rate.

6 years ago

The day SkyMiles is fair and honest to everyone is they day you can / should feel any shred of guilt about simply following the Delta rules in place to your advantage.