Delta-Alaska May 1 Divorce Countdown – Get Your Last Miles, Redeem Your Last Awards

The Delta – Alaska Airlines partnership ends on May 1, 2017. Time to take care of last-minute housekeeping.

(sidebar: I write this while en route Seattle – New York JFK on Delta. Just when Seattle becomes part of my regular travels, the split takes effect. Grumble.)

Delta Alaska May 1 2017Earning Eligibility:

  • Flight booked before 12/19/16 can still reciprocally earn miles
  • Flights booked from 12/19/16 will not reciprocally earn miles

Where to Earn:

  • Decide where to credit Delta flights if you are an Alaska flyer (Delta SkyMiles, Air France Flying Blue, etc)
  • Decide where to credit Alaska flights if you are a Delta flyer (Alaska Mileage Plan, American AAdvantage, etc)

Gardening Reservations:

  • If you have elite status, get any advance benefits like preferential seat assignment locked in by 4/30/17
  • Update frequent flyer numbers on existing reservations

Last Minute Awards:

  • You can still redeem awards through 4/30/17 for travel as far as the respective booking calendars allow
  • Delta awards on Alaska are subject to the new, increased partner pricing (e.g. 15k/30k economy/first for US domestic)
  • I have not seen definitive proof of how changes to existing awards on the other airline will be handled from 5/1/17, presumably you will only be able to keep as is, change to the home airline, or cancel

Interlining Survives:

  • Delta and Alaska will continue to interline for through-ticketing and checking baggage
  • In irregular operations you should still be able to get the airlines to rebook on the other, if you are persuasive

Readers, what are your last minute Delta-Alaska plans?

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Old News


Happening in a less than a week = relevant


I like many high mileage flyers have sorted it all out, old news


Ok, but it still is a future event, and happening soon. Looking through your previous posts, most of them are negative/trolling. Keep up the good work.


Ha! if being realistic is trolling and commenting on those that hack the system instead of old fashion earning status well then call me a troll.


Ok, turn about is fair play, so how many PAID miles have you flown this year and total PAID miles last year? In all your paid miles how many up front or in the rear


3,473 this year.
43,775 miles last year.

Only a few hundred dollars were paid (with giftcards from amex airline reimbursement)

But don’t worry, I have just over 20,000 miles in the next 3 weeks (for 2 people) which was entirely paid with miles.

It’s hilarious to me that you think paying for flights is a right of passage or something…