Delta adds Lift & Ascend packages to its Trip Extras (Ascend may actually be a decent deal)

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Delta has added Lift and Ascend packages to its Trip Extras. Perhaps they were inspired by the Big 10 going to Legends and Leaders.

The current slate of Trip Extras are:

  • 24 hour wi-fi pass at $12
  • Mileage Booster of 1,000 /2,000 /3,000 miles for $29/$39/$59 (miles do not count for elite qualification or Million Miler qualification)
  • Priority Boarding (zone 1) at $9

The Lift package at $34 includes Priority Boarding and and Mileage Booster of 1,000 miles, rather than $38 booked separately. It is hard to think of a circumstance where a Mileage Booster is a good deal, even for topping off an account it is rather poor value.

The Ascend package at $19 includes Priority Boarding and a 24 hour wi-fi pass, and can make sense for non-elites/non-Delta credit card holders who will benefit from getting near the front of the line, such as those with lots of carry-on luggage or families in tow. Since generally gate agents allow companions to board with the highest boarding priority passenger it wouldn’t be practically necessary to buy for more than one in the party.

The Altanta-Journal Constitution has further detail.

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9 years ago

Happy New Year. A bit off topic. Do you have a “best seat” that you would chose in Business Elite on a Delta 747 international flight to the middle east? Perhaps also a seat “not to” choese? Checked Seatguru but the don’t really show any andvise. Thanks for your help

Rapid Travel Chai
9 years ago

@Golfingboy – I did not realize the in-flight cost had gotten so high, indeed that does make a strong case for Ascend.

9 years ago

Considering the cost of 24 hours Wifi has skyrocketed if purchased on-board [it was between $17.95-24.95 depending on what flight you are on], the $19 option for non-elites is a no brainer if you want to use Wifi onboard.