Still Alive! Delta $0 + 250 Mile Tickets from Canada

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Update: 08:32 EST – looks to be dead. I can only do limited tests on this slow connection but now it is erroring out for me.

I am writing in-flight on Norwegian’s free though pokey wifi. First airline to give me that, though one a business class trip Iberia gave me a card for session capped at some megabytes. I almost missed the flight because I was booking this deal.

The quick take (see Dan’s Deals for the full lowdown):

  • Need to be Delta credit cardholder, any version
  • Need to have 25k or more in your Delta account
  • Can transfer instantly from Amex Membership Rewards, though keep in mind this deal can die at any moment, and for it to work you will need to strand 25k in Delta regardless
  • Book tickets on, operated by Delta (not WestJet) from Canada, you will see the difference because must show as pay with miles eligible
  • Can be one-way or roundtrip, can be any class of service, one-ways easy to find, not roundtrips
  • Must be C$284 or less
  • Use pay with miles and select the 250 miles option from the dropdown, it will show as something like: C$282 off (250 miles)
  • You can cancel under the 24-hour grace period (really till midnight the next day)
  • Getting to Canada you can deal with later, using tickets or miles, until February 3 the shortest flights are 4,500 British Airways Avios booked on American Airlines flights.

I have booked multiple Toronto plus Halifax and Quebec City, oh I wish Delta brought back the Prince Edward Island flights this summer!

Good luck!

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