Chai Digest October 27-November 2: autism, India’s tigers, and the Sino-Japanese War theme park

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Where Soviet Cars, Trams and Buses Went To Die is a lead piece from new chinaSMACK spawn russiaSLAM.

Room to Grow: U.S. Hotel Chains Set Their Sights on Latin America from Universia Knowledge@Wharton features Hilton’s efforts in the region.

Japan Invades China! … Year-Round, at This Theme Park in Shanxi is a another eye-opening dispatch from The Atlantic.

Reverse Borat: 5,800 Miles From New York, Ranger Finds Hockey and More.

Testing Autism and Air Travel spoke to me having just met for dinner a reader whose autistic son loves Disneyland and flying up front.

Russia continues to plumb the depths of pettiness in visa disputes in New Visa Rules for Airline Crews Take Effect, summing up the situation (note: The Moscow Times website has been having trouble so the link may not work at times):

“Nobody has instructions on how to apply the new rules,” said Valery Yepifanov, sales manager in Russia for TAP.

Talks of mutual liberalization of visas between the US and Russia have been on-again, off-again for many years. I wish a deal would finally get done. There is so much more of Russia I want to see but the visa hassle and cost is too much for quick trips. Not that US visa policy and process is sane…I deal with that monstrosity too often for my relations.

India lifts ban on tiger tourism is the latest episode in India’s debate over how to protect tigers, seal off parks or let in cash (with tourists attached) to fund conversation. A commentator for Slate makes the case for tourism, while this NYT piece from July has further background. Readers, what’s your take?

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10 years ago

Thank you for bringing awareness of autism & travel. I have a 14 year old son who is Autistic but we had travelled via air since he was 3 year old just because I LOVE to travel. We are fortunate that he does not exhibit extreme behaviors in air travel now although, when we first started, he was extremely nervous. I could see his pain while in the air even now. Poor guy. But we are determined to take him along everywhere we travel and hopefully he will enjoy travel as much as I do as the year goes by!