Chai Digest October 13-19: China a-bomb test site and wheelchairs to whizz through security

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Rolling Past a Line, Often by Exploiting a Rule from the NYT reports cases of travelers resorting to wheelchairs to speed through security, then miraculously healed on the way to the gate.

NYT Bucks’ author recounts Flying Without A Photo ID.

Many miles and points collectors have been to Easter Island over the past year, check out Slow-Burning Challenge to Chile on Easter Island for a look at cultural tensions at this far-flug Chilean outpost.

The Travel Insider has a huge, engrossing trip report from the tour he led to North Korea.

Beijng’s principal airports Terminal 3 inspires awe but less than five years after opening, the city is pressing ahead with a new mega-airport.

The Great Wall is much more varied than the heavily restored sections most commonly visited. The Atlantic has a photo essay of that diversity.

China will develop its first atomic bomb test site for tourism (see China National News and BBC). The Malan base is in politically-sensitive Xinjiang Province and it being a military base to boot, don’t plan a whole trip around trying to visit, but in the extreme off-chance that you are in the neighborhood, give it a try when it opens.

Brendan’s Adventures has a brief post on Dakhla, Western Sahara, a disputed territory that has long enticed me.

Travel + Leisure has Six Questions to Ask When Selecting an Agent (in the sidebar on the right).

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Rapid Travel Chai
9 years ago

@guera – fixed, sorry about that!

9 years ago

The photo essay on the Great Wall is fabulous. I didn’t know you could actually camp on it!

The Easter Island link isn’t working. Hope you can fix it.