Chai Digest: KFC de-boned, Being White in Philly, and more

Americans’ difficulty eating food with bones is good for a laugh when visiting China, I am still treated by my in-laws like I lack opposable thumbs, so the news that KFC in the US is pushing a de-boned version of its classic chicken was good for both a laugh and a head shake. (USA Today)

A favorite blog, Points, Miles & Martinis is featured on Rudy Maxa’s World, listen here, starting at 11:45.

Rick Steves brings back Jane and Michael Stern of to his radio show, they are always a delight.

Arthur Frommer has his name back from Google and will resume publishing his eponymous guides. (Pizza in Motion)

The Empire State Building’s lights are now LED and change almost nightly, here is a handy decoder. (New York Magazine)

The Statue of Liberty will reopen to tourists on July 4. (WSJ)

The on-again, off-again effort to build a tunnel between Korea and Japan is inching forward. (japanCRUSH)

Philadelphia, my college town, is in hot debate over Being White in Philly. (Philadelphia Magazine)

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