Chai Digest February 23-March 1: too high to drive, pet travel gear, and more

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Ice fishing wants the Olympics, that means dope testing, fortunately not beer testing (NYT). The activity does seem bizarre yet a persistent father from the streets of Brooklyn learned it and patiently nudged along his sulky teenage son in Minnesota, creating many fond memories I look back on with great nostalgia.

Foreigners in North Korea will get internet access, following recent news that foreigners can use mobile phones in North Korea, all through local carriers. (IHT) State Department: No position on Dennis Rodman’s North Korea trip. (Washington Post)

Getting Comfortable With the New Vail on changes and tech at Vail. (NYT)

The CEOs of Hilton and Marriott argue “travel is trade,” in America’s ‘Smart Visa’ Opportunity. (WSJ)

In defence of schedule-padding by US airlines. (Gulliver, The Economist)

The Central Asian galleries at the Hermitage have reopened. (St. Petersburg Times)

The 10 Best Pet Travel Gear. (The Independent)

Why New Zealand is officially, earnestly upset about ‘Argo.’ (Washington Post)

Iraqi Airlines Flight Lands in Kuwait, First Since Saddam’s 1990 Invasion. (WSJ)

Australian business tycoon to build replica of Titanic. (China National News)

Superb photos in A Siberian Winter. (The Atlantic)

The bizarre effort by a group of Filipinos to assert a historic claim to Sabah in Malaysia turned bloody. (Channel News Asia)

MTA Sets New Tactic In Rat War. (WSJ)

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