Chai Digest: Dogs Fly, People Hug, and more

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Sinatra’s old Tahoe resort to get major makeover (Seattle Times).

I recently extrolled OneTravel for booking obscure airlines, turns on they have a nice travel blog, too (OneTravel).

Cruising like a Pro- an insider’s perspective (Saverocity).

The Delicate Protocol of Hugging (WSJ). I am not into hugging, nice to see this piece.

Visiting Egypt in crisis: The pyramids are quiet (San Francisco Chronicle). Hawkers clinging to moving vehicles to attempt a sale.

A Hollywood studio where dogs learn to fly (The Dallas Morning News).

The Many Mysteries of Air Travel (NYT Pogue’s Posts).

Quinoa Faces a Backlash (WSJ). That and kale. I happen to enjoy both.

Ikea at last cracks China market, but success has meant adapting to local ways (South China Morning Post). I have not been to one in 5+ years and had no idea how many resident sleepers they new have daily.

Chinese airlines moving away from young, delicate flight attendants? Airlines recruit ‘kind’ older flight attendants (Shanghai Daily).

Shanghai-Beijing flights see improving punctuality rate as airspace freed up (Shanghai Daily). Finally the military gives in a little.

Starwood and AAA Have Reduced Rates at ‘Roadside’ Hotels This Fall with US road trip online planner (Hotel Chatter).

4 Stopovers with ANA = Dream Trip! (Travel Is Free). Wow, that’s complicated.
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Rapid Travel Chai
8 years ago

@Jamie – the England situation seems a bit like NYC, so many people try Euro affectation that I am constantly confused.

I had a lot of things going on over the summer and was slacking but plan to get back to a full-bore blogging effort and try some new things as well, stay tuned and thanks for reading.

8 years ago

Great roundup. The hugging thing is funny. You could also try moving to England where I tried to crack the kissing as a greeting code when we lived there for 3 years. I decided that… if you’re old you kiss on the cheek, unless it’s a male-female family thing, then you may possibly have a very brief kiss on the lips (ack!); if you are very young (relative to my 30-something self) you do an air kiss on one cheek; if you are my age or slightly older you do an actual kiss on one cheek; and if you are… Read more »

Rapid Travel Chai
8 years ago

@john, guera – I have the same concerns, it could be a great time, it could be a hassle, and I don’t have the luxury of time flexibility to sit and wait if things go nuts for a few days.

8 years ago

John, it’s probably a great time to go to Egypt, but is it worth the pre-trip anxiety? We had mixed thoughts when our flights to Tunis were cancelled recently. My rational mind realizes that the odds of anything serious happening are very low, but I was secretly relieved when BA cancelled our flights.

8 years ago

interesting about Egypt. I have been wondering if its a good time to visit.

that ANA thing. damn… I couldn’t even get through it. may have to return though since cheap tickets to the Caribbean are nice.