Chai Digest: Air Berlin Social Media Meltdown, Kim Jong-un’s ex’s video, and more

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This is purportedly the video that was used as the excuse to kill Kim’s ex, really just a variety show dance number, it is safe for work, however the suggested videos on the right sidebar appear to have videos not safe for work. The lyrics are haunting in the context (MetroLyrics):

…Aloha-oe – Aloha-oe
Be back again some day
And then I’ll stay
Your warm embrace
Will leave a trace
Until we meet again…

The original song is Goomboy Dance Band’s version of Aloha Oe, Until We Meet Again.

There is a second video claimed to be from the set, also safe for work. chinaSMACK has a rundown. Sorry I could not embed the videos on the Boarding Area platform.

The Atlantic’s Getting Drunk in North Korea looks at a foreigner’s attempt to find normalcy in the country.

“I’m Here for Business Meetings with No Clothes” – Rubbernecking at Air Berlin’s spectacular social media meltdown (Slate), makes me question the image of Germany efficient, Berlin can’t complete a new airport and it’s namesake airline sometimes doesn’t load any luggage for flights.

Ditch Your Loyalty Cards – Long receipts filled with coupons and free sandwich giveaways are a crutch for bad businesses (Slate) is an interesting argument on the clutter on our keychains. Come to think of it, why don’t airlines and hotels make keychain cards? I could slice my hand open on a metal Delta Diamond card each time I reach for my keys.

Further demise of French society? France’s Bread Lovers Have A New Idea—and It’s Half-Baked, The Famously Crusty Baguette Goes Soft As Customers Demand a Doughier Loaf (WSJ).

The 10 Best last-minute travel websites (for the UK) (The Independent).

Peru Officials Hope to Save Machu Picchu by Luring Tourists to Nearby Site (Skift). And if you visit Machu Picchu, stay overnight the night before, make sure you are on the first bus up, and sprint out there while the others are dawdling to get a few moments of magical peace.

The Sights and Sounds of Minneapolis Minnesota (Points Summary). My hometown bias, again. I love reading pieces about places so familiar to me, always a new angle to consider.

Female Foreigner on How To Act Like An Indonesian, Reactions (indoBOOM). These are hilariously innapropriate, here’s the first:

The Best Hangover Cure -You can find it in the children’s medicine section of your local drugstore. (Slate) Guess what it is…?

To Vladivostok and Beyond on Russia’s 9 time zone KHL hockey league (NYT).

Soldiers at Your Service – The Sri Lankan Army brutally crushed a separatist movement a few years ago. Now they want you to stay at their luxury hotels and resorts. (Roads & Kingdoms via Slate) Sri Lanka is one of my top destinations, like squishing highlinghts of India into a convenient, compact space.

Cross-border chaos as children face 4-hour journey to Hong Kong schools (SCMP). I remember once seeing schoolkids crossing back from Hong Kong to Shenzhen, wondering over their lives of daily cross-border commute.

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Thanks for the Mpls piece. The others were most interesting too.

Brian Cohen
Brian Cohen

There is a way to embed videos onto which is not always successful but has worked for me in the past. You know how to contact me if you would like to know this “trick.” I hope that all is well with you…