I Didn’t Expect BofA Checking to Do That to My Credit Cards

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I opened a Bank of America checking account to boost returns on my several new Better Balance Rewards cards from conversions from Alaska Airlines and Virgin Atlantic cards that were hitting the annual fee.

Applying in a branch because of a online error was a hassle.

Then I went online to pay the bill for one of my BofA credit cards and found the new checking account had wiped out my prior external checking account payment info AND required that instead of the already comparatively confusing ‘Make Payment’ e-bill function, I now had to use the general Bill Pay function. It required manually entering Bank of America Credit Cards as a Bill Pay recipient, entering card info, re-entering my external checking account, then waiting a few days for trial deposit verification.

I just finished verification and am at least happy that this added my other credit cards through the Bill Pay center rather than needing to manually add back each. They all now appear in an even more cluttered and confusing Bill Pay screen.

BofA Bill Pay Center

A lot of work I ended up doing for an extra $20/card/year.

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8 years ago

Out of the nine major banks that do our credit cards, BOA has the strangest bill pay/ebill feature. All the other banks are straight forward. I do not understand what BOA is trying to achieve because it was painful. Setting up the automatic payment was also very strange with bill pay and I am not sure I ever succeeded.

Finally, did you get a free checking account with them? I recently closed my BOA checking account because they uped the minimum on the direct deposit that is required for the account to be free to some non trivial number.

8 years ago

If you have fund in your BofA checking, you could use the “Transfer” function to pay your BofA Credit cards. That what I use to pay for my Alaska Visa.

8 years ago

BOA shut down all branches in my area and transfered my accounts to a different bank without giving my a choice. (or maybe they did but I didn’t read all the fine print) I would gladly have kept those accounts open and I will eventually get around to opening another.