BOA Business Cards actually provide card benefit terms online

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Ever notice how card benefits terms, the fine print on thin paper mailed with the original card, are nowhere to be found online? Some card issuers have an online option to request a paper copy. The first I have seen to actually provide them as PDF in online account management is Bank of America for its business cards only, not personal cards.

In my case, they are available for both Alaska Airlines Visa® Business Card® and Hawaiian Airlines® Visa® Business Card.

In the account overview, click the ‘Services’ tab and there they are:

BOA Business Card Benefits

Other card issuers, are you listening? Please do this for customers.

The current model of hoping customers will lose their original paper terms and forget about benefits is probably profitable but not a decent way to treat customers.

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9 years ago

Yes that is interesting. Always wondered about that.

BTW, did you have to talk to the bank to get those two business cards? They want to talk to me and I dont really want to talk to them…. what did they ask you?
I applied for both HA (per and biz) and AA (per and biz) cards on the same day; I got the two personal cards… hence I dont really want to talk to them. I applied with SSN. I know random question…

Rapid Travel Chai
9 years ago
Reply to  john

@John – they called me day after app, asked some basic questions and approved both on the spot.