Best Western Instant Win Every Friday in November – Have a Spin (and a Status Match!)

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Best Western’s 70th anniversary Smilebration just came to my attention.

The short take is each Friday in November you can have a spin at an instant prize, enter here. I missed the first. There is still time for 11/11 at time of my posting and then 11/18 and 11/25 are coming up. If you want to wade through the details, The Gate has a detailed write-up. I just let ‘er rip. I got a status tier upgrade and my wife got 700 points.


Best Western Status Match

I had been procrastinating on a Best Western status match. Many programs match to Best Western Diamond. You can see reports on Status Matcher. My Hyatt Diamond should be good for Best Western Diamond. I sent off my match and hope that is processed before the status tier upgrade I won is processed so can get Diamond Select.


But I don’t stay at Best Western, why match? Well, other hotels may match from there. I have even heard mixed reports of Hilton matching to their Diamond. Also, heard reports that Best Western status is sticky, not necessarily expiring at end of year.

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6 years ago

Hmmm, I just checked my account and still Diamond.
Wasn’t clear how long before prize is awarded.

6 years ago

Actually won something today, a Tier Upgrade.

Since I’m already a Diamond, I guess this means Diamond Select?

not bad.