Berkshire Hathaway Annnual Meeting Omaha Meetup 4/30?

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Update: meet at 6 pm Sat 4/30, venue is

Upstream Brewing Company

Hello all! Drew and Carrie from Travel is Free and I will be in Omaha for the Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting on 4/30.

Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting 2015Last year was my first and it is a blast, though Saturday night is surprisingly quiet unless you crash investment firm parties, which have free food but not much life. We visited one in English and one in Chinese.

We are looking at holding a meetup 4/30 at 6 pm.

Let us know with a comment to this post if you are interested.

Those familiar with Omaha please suggest an appropriate venue that will work for travel introverts (decent size bar, not too noisy, reasonable drink prices).

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6 years ago

Hi Stefan,

I would love to meet up!

I am going as well this weekend and am staying at the Hyatt Place (yay for points!)

I will also have a rental car.

Shoot me an email and we can coordinate.


6 years ago

Hello Stefan,

I’m attending this year for the first time. I found your post while searching for a group of people attending who’d like to meet up. Traveler lovers and expats even better. (I’ve lived in a few countries myself). Please email the details. I’d love to meet up.


6 years ago

My favorite Omaha restaurant is Upstream, at about 11th and Jackson in the Old Market. In addition to great food, they are also a microbrewery, though their house root beer is the best drink on the menu (though I’m also not much of a “real” beer fan, anyway). Also make sure to finish off dinner with the caramel bread pudding.

6 years ago

Skipped the last couple years, will again skipping it this year. The event is just too long and too much a sales event in recent years. see’s must do 20% of their annual sales that weekend.

I much prefer the old wesco meeting or the daily news meetings. Munger is the best.