Working Bank of America Phone Numbers

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Bank of America has been pruning its working phone numbers.

Today I applied for new Alaska Airlines and Virgin Atlantic cards and they went to auto-rejection because my Experian credit report is frozen and that is the one they pull for my state. I called the old numbers, such as those listed here, and all were disconnected except one that was answered by the familiar Filipino-accent voice. Not even going to publish that number because the answer was that they do not have any contact info for their own credit department. Hang up.

Fortunately, PedroNY found working numbers to their business credit department and the personal credit department Spanish line with English-speaking CSRs. jmj8778 found a personal credit department English line. Here they are:

  • Personal: 866-505-7481
  • Personal en Espanol: 866-865-7843
  • Business: 866-695-6598

I called the personal line which directly connected to an excellent CSR who pulled my TransUnion report and quickly approved my applications.

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8 years ago

I am glad you got through, and thanks for the shout out and HT. Cheers, PedroNY

8 years ago

You were able to get two BOA personal cards approved on the same day? I currently have 2 Alaska personal cards and want to go for both the Virgin Atlantic card and another Alaska this week.