Bahrain Layover (part 2): the old stuff

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Burial mounds cover 5% of Bahrain’s landmass. Towns like A’Ali swerve around the tombs.

Bahrain 008

A'Ali's burial mounds

Bahrain 007

and it's pottery shops

Bahrain 004

Dilmun Period (3200-320 BC) burial chambers at Sur

It is fun to drive out to the Saudi Arabia border on the King Fahd Causeway but the haze was so thick I could hardly see anything. Back over by the airport, the water is a oily muck.

Bahrain 003

Polluted harbor

Near the causeway is the Al-Jasra House and nearby government-run craft center.

Bahrain 005

Al-Jasra House

Bahrain 006

Al-Jasra House

Every town worth its sand has a fort, many of which are being spruced up.

Bahrain 010


Bahrain 011

Riffa's fort - brutal job in the blistering heat

Muharraq Island holds the airport and dense neighborhoods with classic buildings.

Bahrain 001

Beit Sheikh Isa Bin Ali

Bahrain 002

Bric-a-brac stand

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Aaron Hurd

Spending a few minutes in the lounge at the airport before heading out to Dubai. You were right; having some sort of GPS was very helpful as navigation seems to be much more by landmark than road name in this part of the world. We ended up seeing the Tree of Life and the A’Ali Burial Mounds, which were our two must-sees… and then we spent the rest of the day exploring the city and visiting the Grand Mosque.

Rapid Travel Chai

@Aaron Hurd – glad you saw the Tree of Life. I did find the burial mounds which were great.

Rapid Travel Chai

@Aaron Hurd – I rented from National. Most agencies were pretty cheap, if the agencies not working, try Auto Europe. A GPS would be useful, I spent many frustrating times circling around because signs are limited and everything is by roundabouts where you sometimes cannot turn around again for miles. I never got to the UNESCO-listed fort, each time I ended up on the causeway to Saudi Arabia. Never found the Tree of Life either.

Aaron Hurd

Hey, I am going to Bahrain soon. Any tips on car rentals in Bahrain? Incidentally, I am traveling with Point Princess.

Point Princess

I’m a relatively young woman, and I am thinking about going to Bahrain (alone?) on a mileage run in November. I’ll just be there for about 20 hours. Based on your experiences do you think that is an ok idea?

Rapid Travel Chai

@Point Princess – Bahrain is quite liberal, going as a woman alone should not be an issue. 20 hours is plenty.