Amex Platinum Mercedes-Benz Now 60k, Keeps $475 Annual Fee for a Few Hours (Charles Schwab, Morgan Stanley 60k and $550)

Update: reader Miles reports the Mercedes-Benz annual fee is now up to $550. I hope some of you were able to get the card for 60,000 and $475.

Amex is punctual and operates on US Eastern time.

Earlier I wrote Should You Toss Up an Amex Platinum Ameriprise/Charles Schwab/Mercedes-Benz/Morgan Stanley Application Before Midnight? Much of the country has not reached midnight and already the results are in.

Disclaimer: I am not an affiliate of American Express or of any of these cards. I am not compensated for your use of any of the links, which are provided only for your convenience.

The following cards are now all 60,000 bonus points:

  • Charles Schwab Platinum, annual fee now $550
  • Mercedes-Benz Platinum, annual fee still $475 (if this fee stays down and 75k offer returns, this will be great!) (see update above, annual fee now $550)
  • Morgan Stanley Platinum, annual fee now $550 (reader Ted Fung points out this requires a brokerage account with Morgan Stanley which sounds less trivial than getting one with Charles Schwab)

The Ameriprise Platinum still waives first year annual fee and still has no sign-up bonus.

Charles Schwab Platinum 60kMercedes Benz Platinum 60k

Morgan Stanley Platinum 60k

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10 Comments on "Amex Platinum Mercedes-Benz Now 60k, Keeps $475 Annual Fee for a Few Hours (Charles Schwab, Morgan Stanley 60k and $550)"

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What is the max historical sign up bonus for the Schwab and Morgan Stanley cards?

Stefan @ Rapid Travel Chai

Schwab was 40k from card launch till this change, now 60k. Morgan Stantely is an older card, I have not heard of more than 50k, but maybe they have had targeted offers.


glad I got on Mercedes right away (after missing out on Surpass upgrade by a few hours – link looks dead). Took screenshot of $475 fee. Thanks for being the 1st (that I saw) to post.

Stefan @ Rapid Travel Chai

Glad such a deserving traveler got it!


If I have the regular Platinum card and apply for the mercedes-benz one, will i still get the sign up bonus? Thank you.

Stefan @ Rapid Travel Chai



MB card at $550 now

Stefan @ Rapid Travel Chai

The window closed fast. I appreciate your fast update, which allowed me to quickly update the post.


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