All I want is a (hotel) key that works

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With apologies to My Fair Lady for the pun, The Rapid Traveler just returned to his hotel room after a dissipating day with his nieces, only desiring to collapse in bed, and his key card got the dreaded flashing yellow/red, followed by a shuffling trudge to the lobby for a new key.

Perhaps he is inordinately unlucky in this area, but he cannot remember a multi-day stay at a hotel that employs electronic key cards where this hasn’t happened. He keeps the keys away from his mobile phone, and lest he have demagnetizing femurs, he also sticks one in his briefcase. Today Mother-in-Law of Rapid Traveler was similarly afflicted and the staff said they “had a lot of trouble with making cards last night.”

This is a trivial thing to get worked up about, but isn’t there a great market opportunity for a company to provide a system to hotels that actually works? And smartphones are not the answer: customers don’t have to bring their own tools to the auto shop.

Readers, do you know of any solution that you wish every hotel would implement?

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