500 US Bank FlexPoints for Watching Video AND Registering, and Public Link

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US Bank has sent misleading emails to FlexPerks cardholders about a 500 point bonus for watching a video on new service FamDoo.

You can access the offer at the FlexPerks promo site. I got the email only for my personal card but the offer is also in the promos for my business card. Contrary to assumptions that it is targeted, my experience with these kind of non-spend FlexPerks offers, is that they are valid for all accounts. Good practice to check in every month or so for new promotions. You need your FlexPerks account  number, not credit card number, and last 4 digits of your card.

FlexPerks Famdoo 1 FlexPerks Famdoo 2I went to FamDoo, watched the video and there was nothing to enter my FlexPerks number, which got me suspicious. Usually these kind of things require some form of verification.

Looking carefully, it appears you need to actually register (for free) with FamDoo at famdoo.com/usbank using referral code: FPVIDEO.

FamDoo Sign Up NowThe terms add “All new registrations must be received no later than 11:59 PM CST March 2, 2015 to be eligible for the Promotion. ”

Given the misleading communications from US Bank you could probably fight for the 500 points, however I recommend if you want the 500 points to register with FamDoo to avoid hassle.

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Carl P
Carl P
8 years ago

Fair enough. I’ve just never had any problem with US Bank, except they really do take as long as they say to post points, and your is the third site I’ve seen questioning the offer. I have the FlexPerks and Club Carlson card.

My GUESS is you get 500 FlexPerks miles for clicking in the promo area and then 500 FamDo points if you actually sign up for that. I didn’t sign up so I’ll only be able to attest to the FP part. We’ll see.

Carl P
Carl P
8 years ago

When I click LEARN MORE in the email I am in the FlexPerks site and logged in to my promotions page, so my account number is known (and shown in the email). I have never failed to get FlexPerks points before (unlike some hotel chains, etc.) and am not sure why so many people are jumping to calling this “misleading”, “a scam”, etc.

I guess we’ll see if you’re right, but I’m pretty sure we’ll never hear about it if/when you get your 500 points.