3or6 Hours in Georgetown, Guyana

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The Rapid Traveler was working with a Guyana-based vendor today, recalling his trip last summer to this little-known corner of South America. Georgetown has real safety concerns but a daytime stroll with precautions takes in crumbling British architecture. The economy seems to be agriculture, natural resources, especially bauxite, and a ton of outsource call centers, perhaps explaining the screaming fast internet.

Caribbean South America 001


Caribbean South America 002


The zoo can be visited to say you have seen the Cock of the Rock in all its glory.

Caribbean South America 005

Cock of the Rock

Caribbean South America 006

Heading to Kaieteur

But the real treat is a half-day cruising over the jungles to Kaieteur Falls, five times higher than Niagara. It seems too easy to be able to zip in to this thundering beauty and be back in town for a late lunch. The Rapid Traveler used Roraima Airways, with no complaint. Another option, though specializing in longer adventures, is Rainforest Tours. The major inconvenience can be that depending on weather and air traffic, tours may be diverted from the convenient Ogle Airport to Cheddi Jagan International Airport, which is 25 miles from the city, with sometimes grinding traffic. The tours are not cheap, but can’t complain about the view.

Caribbean South America 007


Caribbean South America 008

And Kaieteur again

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