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Chai Digest: Do No Harm, Have Diplomatic Relations, and more

Filing from Charleston, S.C. News: The State of the Kurds and Arabs Fleeing Islamic State Upset Kurdistan’s Ethnic Balance (WSJ). A visit to Iraqi Kurdistan leaves anyone in awe at their recent achievements to develop a functioning, economically growing society. Building a Winning Political Team (WSJ). Lessons from several presidents. Chinese firm releases Wi-fi router…

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Chai Digest: Sepp, Hotel Beds and More

News: Pencil Pushers (Bloomberg Businessweek). Pencils are now hip. For Those in Peril (The Economist). See the ‘How They Get There’ map of African migrants to Europe. Base Issues (The Economist). The map puts in perspective the amount of Okinawa occupied by US forces. Classical Music Philanthropy (FT). Resurrecting forgotten music. Lincoln at Gettysburg (National…

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