Aggressive Hotel Maids, Last Cycad, How to Book Emirates First Class

On my mind: I have not done anything with credit card price protection – time to learn!





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  • Rick

    BBC’s article ” the time when America stopped being great” is too biased. What does Brits know about us? Their country is such a mess. And why so many anti-Trump on this blog? He is working very hard from day one since he took office.

  • The ideas section is to provoke thought and encourage debate, it is a not to uncritically accept the views of each write.

    As for Trump, I would be happy as an American to find something about his conduct or performance of the office that is not “reckless, outrageous, and undignified.” Such has not come to pass.

  • Rick

    Well your opinion about him being ” reckless , outrageous and undignified” is one the main reasons your blog becomes so unfair and political.