You’d Be Having Hot Dogs If You Were at the Detroit Delta Sky Club Right Now

Every Thursday and Friday since the fall, I learned today, the main Delta Sky Club in Detroit has been offering hot dogs.

Detroit Delta Sky Hub Hot Dogs

They start around 2-3 pm and go until they run out. About 300 hot dogs last until around 4 pm.

Enjoy the Dog Wagon!

Detroit Delta Sky Hub Hot Dogs

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  • Greg

    There’s something just sad about that. “DTW – you get…hot dogs.”

    Then there is the AA clubs where they trot out a guacamole cart, with someone to serve it. Because self serving guac and chips…

  • Teresa

    IND Sky Club has had hot dogs all winter. Not as cute as in the dog wagon, though!

  • TCCQuest

    At LAX the guac was handmixed which seemed like a nice touch, though to your point they can throttle the dole out with the “service “.

  • Q Bo

    LGA DL SkyClub offers hot dogs, too — or at least they did during my visits in February.

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