• Matthew

    Great pictures.

  • john

    I really enjoy this type of photography and would love to see more of the places you have visited. Do you post pictures from all your travels on flickr or somewhere else?

  • Wes

    “See, these are nice folks! Therefore, despite the lack of a functioning government and widespread criminal and/or terror activity, ALL nationals of the captioned country should enjoy immediate and unfettered access to the USA! Disagree? Guess what? You’re a racist POS!!!”

    Pretty good, no? Now, how to monetize this…oh wait…

  • john – I am way behind, I used to do elaborate flickr sets, now I post more or less real-time on instagram which auto-posts to facebook. Those are my phone photos which are usually quick and lower resolution. I will at some point finally get galleries up on the site and catch up on travel posts. http://instagram.com/rapidtravelchai/ and http://www.flickr.com/photos/rapidtravelchai/

  • Great to hear from you again, Wes, I provide the photos, you provide the captions.

  • Penn Adam

    Where are the women of Somalia?

  • I try to respect local mores and not take pictures of women without consent, so in the images I share they are generally in background or not face-forward. It is a delicate subject without an ideal answer.

  • KanExplore

    When there’s no option I’ve done the fake selfie. Hold phone at arm’s length, big smile for the camera, but take the picture outward. Or take a real selfie but position self to get the people in the background in the frame too, editing the picture later. Maybe this is all sort of unethical.

  • And then for me there is the decision of what to publish online from those I take.