Morning Chai: Pioneering Female in Office, Hyatt Diamond Messing With My Head, and Simpsons Extended to Predict Further Presidencies

On my mind: I got new potting mix for a house plant. Therapeutic.

I’ll put some thoughts on the US Election in a separate editorial. Every talking head has pieces out, three that stand out for going beyond the predictable or inane:





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  • Leana

    Thanks for the link! In case you are interested, I just published a sequel “Darn it, Hyatt Diamond Status, You Win!”
    I realize my OCD wrestling is quite trivial given the events that are unfolding around us, but it’s nice to have a distraction from all the nonsense.

  • Shannon

    Congratulations to you that Minnesota remains as blue as it used to be. That was the only state I was watching after the result of key state of Ohio and Florida. I was really surprised Michigan turns red this time though. Anyway, the credibility of almost main stream media including NYT and FOX hit a new low this time. They should have kept themselves away from candidates and should have prevented themselves to be part of election mechanism.

  • @Shannon – we elected Ventura but Trump is whole other thing! By even reporting reporting on Trump as would be accorded a serious candidate, the false equivalence should have made the universe fall in on itself.