Morning Chai: Snoopy Fired, Hyatt Silly Names, Wyndham Timeshare Awards Without the Presentation and More

On my mind: Athens Airport the best to sleep overnight? Flat seat benches, music cuts out at 11 pm, lots of space, no hassle from staff. I had a great rest coming in from Crete and now off to LA via Istanbul for FTU. If arriving non-Schengen without a connecting boarding pass, the sleeping options are limited, with a boarding pass you can at least access the benches by the airline lounges in the B gate wing (even with an A gate boarding pass). No airline lounge is open 24 hours, though Aegean is only closed 11 pm – 3 am.





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  • Pat P

    Having evil of a time opening stories…all I get is headlines.PLS HELP !