Amex Delta Platinum Extra 10k MQMs for $75k Spend (Targeted)

Amex Delta Platinum cardholders are being targeted to spend beyond $50,000 calendar year. For hitting spend thresholds each of $25,000 and $50,000, the card awards 10,000 MQMs and 10,000 bonus miles, respectively. Amex may have noticed that some cardholders including myself stop at $50,001 and go no further.


Amex has launched a target promotion to award an extra 10,000 MQMs and 10,000 bonus miles for reaching $75,000 annual spend by December 31, 2016.


My personal card is at $39,000 for the year and am targeted. My wife’s personal and business are both around $25,000 and not targeted.

This does not show up in Amex offers. Go to the enrollment page to see if you are targeted. If eligible, must enroll by November 15, 2016.

If you are generating $50,000 spend a year on the card, you have already made the decision that the time, cost and opportunity cost of achieving that spend with this card is worthwhile. In this case going for the extra $25,000 may make sense for your situation.

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  • John

    Is there a link for the 5000mqm at $50000 offer?

  • @John – I am not familiar with that offer.

  • Ed

    I signed up for this offer back in October for my personal card but was not targeted on my business card. I hit my spend threshold and my miles posted but didn’t get the bonus yet. I called amex but they can’t seem to find the offer. Is this through Delta? Has anyone gotten the extra 10,000mqm to post yet?

  • Sorry, I have not gone for this yet. This is through Amex, not Delta, it is does say 10-12 weeks after spend met, which is not their usual practice to be so slow. If you are cutting it close, remember the $195 annual fee does not count. I never got any enrollment confirmation email, did you?

  • Ed

    I got nothing and spoke to American express twice. Both times they said they never had such a promotion! I have past the spending amount and would have switched cards if this was not true. Would you happen to have a screen shot of it?

  • I have screenshots of so much…and not this. Sorry. I tried contacting Amex and struck out as well.

  • Aaron Shapiro

    Has anyone been able to validate that this works? I signed up by the date, but just hit my $75K